Merging Real-Time Data & Project Management with Comprehensive Business Workflow Software

Merging Real-Time Data & Project Management with Comprehensive Business Workflow Software

At PAC we provide the software and support team to help you so you can provide this additional service without taking away from your consulting efforts.

Get complete support to offer your clients the process management, metrics, and KPI software they need with PACManager.

We Help Consultants Increase Their Value

PACManager helps your clients make intelligent business decisions. In a fast-paced industry, better decision-making is priceless. We’ll help you unify your client’s most important data and increase your value in the process.

Turnkey Solutions

Our customizable and turnkey ERP/CRM software makes your job easier. Process management services can be tricky. Our software demystifies the details so you can focus on building a better client relationship.


Expert Support

Customer support is our focus. With our business workflow software, we provide all the support you need to confidently offer your clients complete process management. Tap into clear-cut metrics and KPI’s and enjoy hassle-free expert support, with PACManager.

Increase Your Client-Base

Our Software as a service solution broadens your client base. More managers are looking for hands-free solutions for workflow processes. PAC provides those solutions. Aid your customers in improving their business workflows, sales pipelines, commissions, and profit margins and experience a boom in your client-base all with our one-stop CRM software.

Solutions for Every Sized Business

PAC is business workflow software fit for any sized business. Confidently offer our solutions to your clients for powerful, full-service software.

No Off-The-Shelf Limitations

We realize that no two-businesses operate in the same way. Unique features are required for every business. That’s why PAC is different. We go beyond one-and-done business. We help consultants prove their value through expert-led solutions that fit their client’s business.


Unmatched Support Team


Development and Support


All work is done in Michigan


Every client has their own set of code and database


Lines of modular code

We believe the right processes and software have a significant impact on business culture, job satisfaction, production and costs.

Processes are needed in every industry and PAC can be found in all of these.

Implementing Processes Needs to be done in Steps and in the order that makes the most sense for your client.

What Is PACManager?

PAC is an all-in-one customizable ERP/CRM software that provides seamless processes and workflows for the industrial, manufacturing, import/export, service, financial and automotive businesses. It’s an integrated CRM platform you and your clients can trust.

PAC allows you to provide your clients with personalized solutions that improve marketing, sales, IT, and much more. From responding to customer inquiries more quickly to automating time-sucking tasks, our CRM software simplifies the workday.

Our experienced team can become an extension of your own, and in turn give your clients access to more solutions for their businesses.


About Our Team

Derek Sommer is the founder of PACManager. Realizing the industry’s significant need for success-driven tools, Derek put together a complete business workflow system that could work for a variety of industries. Instead of worrying about the minor details of the day-to-day, PACManager allows business owners to focus on their business.


We are truthful in our words and actions, standing firm with what we say and believe in.


We see the projects through and stay loyal to our clients.


We care about the success of our clients and the clients of our clients.


We are always looking for better ways to achieve our objectives.

Why we do this

No two businesses are run the same way, have the same vision / goals. Off the Shelf (OTS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) are limiting and can’t adhere to specific process requirements. Consultants need a way to make sure their service is followed and continues to be followed once implemented. Process management isn’t a quick and done service and PAC keeps the consultants in touch with their clients. Businesses want KPIs, goal tracking and results tracking. PACManager provides exactly that. Consultants need a way to show their value and to be able to continue to provide value, and PACManager enables that.

Looking for more referrals? Become PAC Certified.

PAC Certified Consultants are the most experienced and active members of the PACManager community and have completed the below:

  • Implemented PACManager with 10 or more clients
  • Achieved an annual customer satisfaction rating of 9 or higher (on a scale of 1-10)
  • Actively interact with the PACManager community and collaborate to develop and communicate better solutions

Explore the features and benefits of PACManager 


Review consolidated and organized data to measure activity and performance.


Build your sales pipeline, analyze and focus on opportunities with the greatest revenue potential.


View your entire sales pipeline, manage leads and access data on current and potential customers.


Track and develop goals and initiatives for performance-based rewards.


Manage targets and goals for determining performance.


Track the value of your referrals and their source and improve engagement by measuring results.


Address spending concerns before they get out of hand and maintain budgetary awareness. Eliminate needless purchases and impulse spending.


Spend less time determining WHAT to do and WHO to contact. Take action with prioritized activities.


Ensure the right person is placed on the right project based on their expertise and skill set.


Variety of time-saving tools to help you stay organized and keep control of projects and materials while reducing costs.


Capture time and expenses more accurately for each project, ensuring accountability for each billable hour.


Seamlessly integrate with most RMM tools so you can access real-time information and automatically create service tickets.


Access real-time data to assess everything from business intelligence and financial projections to employee hours and expenses.


Integrate with Quickbooks, Peachtree and more, so you can access contacts, account receivables, payments, purchase orders and more.

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Help Your Clients Manage Targets & Goals, Increase Your Services, & Enjoy Complete Software Support With PACManager!
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