What is PACManager?

The days of dealing with multiple business software packages and settling for partial solutions and inefficient systems that don’t connect are over. Designed to fit the needs of any industry, PACManager Process and Cost Management Software is for Business Owners and Consultants who want to know where a business stands.

To run successfully, every company must set goals and acquire accurate data to track their progress. PACManager combines the best features of CRM, PSA and BPM software to simplify how you access and track your data. Utilizing PACManager to set objectives, businesses can track the progress of those KPIs and Metrics. Processes are required to ensure accurate data; PACManager makes sure those processes are followed. Costs come in all forms: staff, materials, equipment and expenses; PACManager reports on all of them.


PACManager gives consultants the tools needed to show their value by providing business process improvement metrics. PACManager gives your customers the KPIs, Metrics and Reporting to keep the processes in place and grow their business. PACManager gives you and your customers the support needed to keep PACManager in line with processes as they change.

Top Reasons Clients Decided on PACManager

  • Accurate Data
  • Process Standardization
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Sales Funnel Tracking
  • Job Costing
  • Limited by Other Software
  • Eliminate Paper Processes
  • Client SLAs
  • Better Support

Companies use PACManager because there is always room for business process improvement. The software needs to keep up with it.

Tried & True Methodology

We have been doing this for over 21 years and know how to get to the root of processes and create the flowcharts, wireframes and implement a solution that everyone can understand and that is best for your business.

Effective & Efficient
Documenting and implementing business processes and software shouldn’t take months to complete. Our methods for gathering information are fast and time effective. We value your time and make sure our meetings are focused and results driven.
Dedicated Set of Code, Reports and Database
Your data, formulas, features and reports are secure and separate from our other clients. This means that when we perform any customization, we don’t have to worry about the impact on other PACManager customers; and because the code foundation is uniform, proven, written and supported by our team, we can adjust quickly.
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