Quickly Create and Track Business Processes

Industries that are innovating their processes and management with PACManager

Why Businesses Choose PACManager

Build and Customize your

Processes in Minutes

We realize that no two companies have the same processes, and that’s what makes them unique. With PACManager, you can build and map out your company’s processes all the way from A to Z. Each company has their own way of handling projects and the processes that are used to make sure the project is on track. Whether you are a huge corporation with various processes dependent on the project or you are a smaller company that just has a few processes for smooth day-to-day operations. No matter what size of your company or your industry, all your processes can be built in PACManager.

Process and Cost Dashboard

PACManager has dashboard reporting to make sure that your processes are being followed and used correctly. It can also show costs associated with those processes. Processes are great, but without metrics and KPIs being monitored, too often time and resouces are wasted.

Track Results with Real 

Time Reports

With PACManager’s real time reporting, you will be able to see exactly where you are at with a project. These reports allow you to see if anything is being held up or what your deliverable date will be based on the progress that shows. You will also be able to track your results of your employees to see who is ahead of schedule and going above and beyond, or if something is being held up by someone who is too busy.

Having good reporting and an understanding of where you are at with a project in real time is critical for every business.

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