Project and Cost Tracking, plus so much more…

You need to know what is going on in your business at any time.

You want to let your people run the show, with data assuring you that things are getting done.

You need to make decisions based on data, not guesswork.

Our story

In the last 22 years Spud Software has created over 100 custom workflow software packages, utilizing PACManager as a code foundation.

While PACManager started as a strictly internal tool at Spud Software, it has now developed as a comprehensive solution that anyone can use!

Our Commitment

We believe the right processes and software have a significant impact on culture, job satisfaction, productivity and profits. PACManager is a Project And Cost Tracking software system that is based on the concept that every business, at its most fundamental level, has employees, customers, sales efforts, projects to manage, a deliverable for the customer, a desire to minimize unnecessary costs and a need to see where they have been and are heading.

"Small businesses shouldn't be expected to pay huge upfront costs for a custom business process software or pay an ever-increasing per-month per-user charge for a system that only does a portion of what a business needs to be successful"
Derek Sommer
Owner, PAC Manager, Spud Group and Spud Software

Why Us?

This is our commitment

All too often, an organization will implement a solution, assume everyone is on board and within six months team members are circumventing the processes, keeping data outside the system. Soon after that, reports are so inaccurate, that no one trusts or even continues to use them. In short, all the time and money spent is not only wasted, but the efficiencies are lost as well. 

Once PACManager is up and running, we will continue to make sure everyone is using the implemented processes. Because we are vested in the success of your business, we make it our business to monitor the processes and make sure they are followed from the day they are implemented throughout the life of our partnership.

In short, we are not just giving you a solution, we are making sure that it actually solves your problem.

With that, say hello to your friends at PACManager and Spud Software.

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