Our Story


The first version of PACManager was written over 20 years ago and was Windows-based. PACManager became web-based about 18 years ago, and now. After working with hundreds of clients and seeing the need for quicker ramp up time and lower costs, in 2018 we launched the Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud-based version of PACManager. There are so many SaaS solutions out there and most of them look super sexy, but once you start using them, you start to find their short-comings, limitations, complexities and/or hidden costs. We didn’t want to be one of those solutions so over the past several years and after talking with many customers, we figured out a flexible, easy to implement and customized solution that people love and can do themselves. Our tech is the latest and greatest, but our team is old school when it comes to hard work, customer service and pride in what we do. Schedule a live demo of PACManager today and let us know what you think; we would love to hear from you.

A Message from the Founder

“Thank you for checking out PACManager. I am a big believer in data, tracking activity and watching costs. In order to be successful at these things, everything needs a process. It can be as simple as sorting the mail to running a multi-million dollar project. Without a process, things fall through the cracks, customer service deteriorates and unwanted costs increase. PACManager has been around for over 20 years and has evolved significantly over that time. After working with hundreds of companies, I decided it was time to streamline the software that creates the software processes. Instead of developing from scratch, or trying to wedge a company’s processes into a pre-defined limited software package that takes months (or even years) to roll out, in 2019 we launched PACManager as SaaS solution. I want small businesses or divisions of larger companies to have the ability to quickly create a process, track it through reporting and be able to modify it on their own as their business changes. Please give PACManager a try and I promise you that you will receive the best customer service and software experience in our industry.”

The PACManager Team

These are the people that have put the effort in to make PACManager the product and service that it is today. Our team is dedicated to the success of our clients and providing the best service possible. They love challenges, finding solutions, making sure everyone is happy and looking forward to the next challenge to tackle.