Our Story

PACManager was developed for consultants that want to provide more for their clients by tailoring software around their business instead of trying to fit the business around a software.

Early in his career, PACManager originator and Business Process Advocate Derek Sommer realized that business owners require tools that allow them to grow their business, not get caught up in running their business.

Purpose and Values

Early in his career, PACManager originator and Business Process Advocate Derek Sommer realized that business owners require custom solutions to allow them to grow their business instead of wasting time trying to fit their business around “one size fits all” type of solutions.


We are truthful in our words and actions, standing firm with what we say and believe in.


We see the projects through and stay loyal to our clients.


We care about the success of our clients and the clients of our clients.


We are always looking for better ways to achieve our objectives.

Experience the PACManager advantage

  • Everything YOU need at your fingertips
  • Shows you notifications and alerts
  • Real-time data

Why we do this

No two businesses are run the same way, have the same vision / goals. Off the Shelf (OTS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) are limiting and can’t adhere to specific process requirements. Consultants need a way to make sure their service is followed and continues to be followed once implemented. Businesses want KPIs, goal tracking and results tracking. PACManager provides exactly that. Consultants need a way to show their value and to be able to continue to provide value, and PACManager enables that.

Why PAC Works

Processes and cost management are the foundation of successful businesses. We believe the right processes and software have a significant impact on business culture, job satisfaction, production and costs.

We do the work for YOU!

PAC Manager does the heavy lifting and becomes an extension of your company without the cost of additional overhead. We are team of professionals with a software system, NOT just a packaged software program with email tech support. We provide the support your staff needs, and you receive the reports you need to run your business.

Driven by YOUR success!

Our team and processes make the difference! We understand that your success leads to our success. Our in-house development and support staff maintains the experience of working with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries.

Top 10 Reasons businesses went with PACManager

  1.  They wanted past, present and future projection of data at their fingertips to make the best informed business decisions.
  2. Employees needed to pull data from multiple sources (spreadsheets, people, etc.) to create reports.
  3. Their reports were already outdated by the time they received them.
  4. They required accurate sales funnel tracking.
  5. They wanted to know and track their client.
  6. They wanted to have real-time dashboard data on their phone 24/7/365.
  7. They had different people doing different things to achieve the same result.
  8. They still had people using a paper process and/or all kinds of spreadsheets and documents.
  9. Their clients were asking if they had process management system in place.
  10. They knew the inefficiencies that needed to be addressed, but they didn’t have the resources to make it happen.
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