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Business Intelligence Reports

The use of business intelligence reports has become an essential tool in the modern professional era, used by leaders to help manage their business more efficiently. The best of which, actually allow companies the ability to compare current business performances with its past benchmark against competitors as well as their target demographic. This, in turn, will help the company become more successful by means of sustainable growth. In short, business intelligence reports will use all the relevant data collected from various sources and generate information for the management and other stakeholders so that they can better analyze and understand their business.

Types of Business Intelligence Reports

Most business intelligence software will deliver effective business reports that can be easily customized based on the business’s needs. Some reports tend to be more frequently used than others such as financial statements and financial ratio reports while other reports can be customized and developed based on the current business’s needs and analytics. The reporting frequency varies from real time to monthly or even quarterly. For example, reports like CRM dashboards enable the organizations to get insight into business performances real time and instantly. It can be used for monitoring customer service quality, status of a sales promotion campaign, managers and users can drill down the data to identify issues and opportunities. Business intelligence reports can also be used for managing employees’ performance in a more effective and efficient way. For example, HR dashboard and HR scorecard reports give insight into the human resources performances.

Of course, there are many other types of business intelligence reports that collect the required data, update the KPIs and create sales forecasts. Additionally, there are business intelligence reports which are short-term. For example, some reports monitor the performance of your current sales campaigns which can include the revenue generated, return on investment, conversions, margins, new customers, etc. Reports like forecast analysis will lead summary and daily sales performance reports and make it possible for managers to monitor day to day performance effectively. The efficiency of business intelligence reports is maximized by using visual indicators like business charts in addition to traditional data tables. Visual reports like business dashboards help managers understand the business by minimizing the time required for business analysis. Business report templates are used to summarize and visualize the data, KPIs, important business metrics and relevant actionable business information. The graphical and simplified format in effective business reports gives the most benefits for the users. Business users do not have to go through all the data and numbers to make conclusions, but the key metrics are represented visually for them so they can focus on making decisions and implementation instead of analyzing unorganized data. The charts and graphs make it fairly simple for users to interpret results. Business dashboard reports and business scorecard templates have made the life of managers easy by practically eliminating the need for them to collect data, manually prepare reports and then understand the findings and make conclusions. Business intelligence reports and tools are available from many vendors and ultimately they tend to aim for achieving the same result, in order to provide the business users with valid forecasts, interpretations and analysis for business growth. The investment and ongoing cost and maintenance of business intelligence reports may also vary drastically.

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