Our Team

Our Team and Processes Make the Difference.

We are an established business with experienced team members all based in-house to provide hands-on service and support, including:

  • Business Process Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Consultants
  • Developers
  • Call Center Support Staff

All prepared to assist you with the implementation and maintenance of PACManager.

"Why focus on the process when the world is outcome driven? Don’t results matter? Yes, results do matter. But if you optimize for the outcome, you win one time. If you optimize for a process that leads to great outcomes, you can win again and again."
James Clear

Meet our Team!

Jeremy Bradley

Meet Jeremy Bradley! When he's not working, he's probably enjoying a good craft beer as he is quite the connoisseur! He loves to have fun and can get everyone in the office laughing in seconds.

"Our clients love Jeremy! He's been here for a while now and has proven how dedicated he is. I appreciate how well he handles difficult situations." - Derek Sommer, CEO/Owner

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Kari Bishop

Meet Kari Bishop! She is one of PAC's many talented developers. When she's not working, she loves spending time with her husband and two kids, as well as reading and listening to podcasts to keep learning and staying on the cutting edge of technology.

"Kari is always willing to step up to the plate and tackle any challenge. She really is a great asset to the team." - Derek Sommer, CEO/Owner

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Wayne Bailey

Meet Wayne Bailey! He is one of PAC's many talented developers. He actually met his wife here! One awesome thing about Wayne is that he helps contribute to the office camaraderie by being the Dungeon Master for the D&D group.

"I've known Wayne for a long time now. He's really grown with the company throughout the years. Clients love him! It amazes me that I'll write a query or piece of code that he can fix in less than a second." - Derek Sommer, CEO/Owner

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Lyle Knopf

Meet Lyle Knopf! He is a part of Spud Software's New Business Development team. When he's not with clients, he's enjoying his free time with his wife and kids.

"Lyle has dedicated 13 years to supporting PAC so far and has held almost every position there is during that time. He really goes above and beyond for our clients and always finds a way to accomplish things that others may deem impossible." - Derek Sommer, CEO/Owner

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Adam Brown

Meet Adam Brown! He is PAC's IT Manager and has loved every minute of his 14+ years here. During his free time, he enjoys taking his family up north to get back to nature.

"Whenever I run into a client that recently worked with Adam, they always make a point to say how much they appreciate his help. As a business owner, that's the greatest thing to hear." - Derek Sommer, CEO/Owner

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