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The following Privacy Statement may be updated from time to time without notice. The User may review the most current version of our Privacy Statement at any time.

Version – – December 05, 2017

This Privacy Statement of Spud Software Inc. (“Spud”, “we”, “us” or “our”) describes its policy for treatment of personal information (as defined below) at and the Spud mobile App the “App”). Individually and collectively, the Site and App are referred to in this Privacy Statement as the “Site.” For clarity, the Site includes all sites that are located on sub-domains or subdivisions of and the Privacy Statement currently applies to all such sub-domains or subdivisions. “You” in this Privacy Statement means you personally. This Privacy Statement applies only to the Site, regardless of the platform on which it is used. If you visit other sites operated by Spud or other sites linked to the Site the privacy statement for the Site will not control the practices for collecting and using personal information on those other sites. Additionally, this Privacy Statement does not apply to Spud’s practices for collecting and using personal information offline or from sites or apps other than the Site (even if that information is identical to the information gathered on the Site).

What is “personal information” and what personal information do we collect?

By “personal information,” we mean information that is reasonably identifiable to you or to a particular device or that allows you or it to be so identified.

Personal Information We May Collect : Personal information that we collect includes information that you provide voluntarily. Personal information requested might include, for example, your name, email address, phone number, zip code, date of birth, gender, employer, place of employment or title, or other information where identifiable to you or a particular device. Additionally, you may have the option of connecting your Spud Software account to social media sites. Please note that connecting your Spud Software account to a particular social media site (e.g., Facebook or Twitter) may allow us to have access to, and collect, a variety of information residing on the connected social media site, such as contact lists and other information associated with you and/or your profile. Even if you elect not to provide information to Spud Software yourself, that connected information, to the extent we collect it, will constitute personal information to the extent identifiable to you (alone or in combination with other information). NOTE: We do not collect sensitive credit card information that may be processed in connection with your purchases in connection with the Site. We outsource processing of credit card transactions to vendors we understand to be compliant with appropriate Payment Card Industry standards for security.

Automatic or Navigational Information : When you visit the Site, we may capture certain information automatically (even if you do not voluntarily provide us with personal information, or in addition to personal information that you do provide). This information may include your Internet Protocol Address, ISP, location-based information, browser type, time and date of access and pages accessed, linking information, click stream, page visits, page views, and website log files. If such navigational information becomes reasonably identifiable to you or is reasonably identifiable to a particular device, it will be deemed personal information for purposes of this Privacy Statement. We reserve the right to match non-personal navigational information with other information that we have collected from you. If that other information renders such navigational information reasonably identifiable to you or a particular device, then by definition it will become personal information. Navigational information that is deemed personal information under this paragraph will be treated as such pursuant to this Privacy Statement.

Other Information You Voluntarily Provide : You may choose to contact us and the information you disclose may constitute personal information.

Children : Please note the Site is intended for users who have reached the age of at least eighteen years and who are authorized to enter into binding obligations. (Please review our Terms of Use). For the avoidance of doubt, the Site is not directed to children younger than thirteen years of age. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of thirteen.

Suggestions and Ideas : Any suggestions or similar communications relating to Spud Software’s business or the how they might be changed, enhanced or improved are not treated as private or confidential under this Privacy Statement. We will, however, at all times use reasonable efforts to de-identify you personally with the suggestion.

Please note that we may collect information using a third-party web analytics tool that aggregates data so that it is not identifiable to any particular individual or device.

How does Spud use the information it collects?

We generally use personal information collected on the Site for the following purposes:

to respond to inquiries from users
to advise you of opportunities and promotions available on our Site or elsewhere, including product-specific changes and updates
to distribute e-newsletters and other informational and/or promotional materials
to provide information about the proper use or misuse of the Site
to process technical or administrative issues or to communicate regarding those issues
to improve, expand, or otherwise adjust our services.
to provide information about the proper use or misuse of the Site
to process technical or administrative issues or to communicate regarding those issues
to improve, expand, or otherwise adjust our services.

See also circumstances under which we may share or transfer personal information, discussed below.
Does the Site use cookies?

Spud Software may use “cookies” and similar technologies such as web beacons and pixel tags that may work in conjunction with cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a website places on your computer’s hard drive that allows the website’s server to keep track of and facilitate certain activities on the site. The Site may use cookies to track visitor interactions, collect information about how visitors use the Site and the pages they find more or less interesting, and to make visits to the Site more efficient. We use information that we obtain by cookies, to the extent it is or becomes personal information, in accordance with the terms of this policy. You may be able to set your browser to accept all cookies, block certain cookies, require your consent before a cookie is placed in your browser, or block all cookies. Please consult the “Help” section of your browser for more information on cookies generally. Note, we may also use “Flash cookies.” While we may use Flash cookies to remember preferences, we do not use Flash cookies for behavioral advertising. You may be able to control Flash cookies via the Macromedia Flash application on your computer, or by going to the Macromedia Flash Player website, which allows you to view, modify, and delete Flash cookies. Please note that if you elect to block all cookies, you may not be able to take full advantage of the Site.

How does Spud treat “Do Not Track” requests from a user’s browser?

Users may have the option of enabling “Do Not Track” in their browsers, which sends a signal to websites that the user does not want to be tracked across multiple websites. Spud does not track users across multiple websites, regardless of whether users have enabled “Do Not Track.”

Does Spud use personal information for advertising purposes?

Spud Software does not use personal information for advertising purposes.

Under what circumstances does Spud disclose or transfer personal information to others?

There are circumstances where we will transfer and/or disclose your personal information to third parties. Those circumstances, subject to the limits of applicable law, are as follows:

Subsidiaries and Affiliates : Spud may transfer personal information to its subsidiaries and corporate affiliates for purposes related to Spud service offerings as such offerings may change and develop over time.
The Site Consultants and Service Providers : Spud transfers personal information to third-party service providers, including those that may be hosting or housing data on behalf of Spud or otherwise acting on its behalf as a data center (such as providers of hosting, cloud, technology outsourcing and support services). Additionally, Spud may disclose personal information to the extent that our service providers require access to our databases, or the information contained in our databases, to service Spud Software and the Site.
Social Media Accounts : By integrating your Spud account with social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, and allowing for messaging through various social messaging platforms, information regarding your use of the Site may appear on publicly visible portions of the applicable social media site. Please note that you may be able to control who sees these posts by adjusting your social media privacy settings.
Legal Compulsion and Spud’s Protection : Spud Software reserves the right to release personal information in response to a subpoena or otherwise when we reasonably believe that the law requires us to do so or when we believe it is necessary to protect and/or enforce the rights, property interests, or safety of Spud, our users, customers or others.
Reorganization or Sale of Spud : In the event that Spud Software is merged with or becomes part of another organization, or in the event that Spud is sold or it sells all or substantially all of its assets, or a brand or line of its business, the information you provide may be one of the transferred assets for use by the acquiring entity.
As Otherwise Allowed by Law : We may transfer personal information to third parties where we are expressly authorized by applicable law to do so.

How do you keep my personal information secure?

Although we cannot guarantee that our or our vendors’ servers are impenetrable, we have attempted to establish and implement reasonable physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online. Where we use outside vendors to collect, store, or process data, we attempt to use vendors who also establish and implement reasonable procedures.

Does the Site link to any third-party sites?

The Site may link to third-party sites. When using third-party sites (for example, sites that take credit cards or otherwise process transactions), you should review the privacy policies of such parties’ sites to understand how they collect and use personal information.

How long do you keep my information?

Spud keeps personal information for as long as we deem it useful to use, and for as long as applicable law allows us to maintain it.

How can I access and make changes to my personal information?

Site users have the right to request that their information be modified or deleted from our files. We will attempt to honor these requests, subject to applicable law and our judgment that the information is not important for us to maintain for our internal record-keeping purposes. Requests to modify or delete personal information should be directed to

How will I be notified of changes and updates to the Privacy Statement?

Changes and updates to this Privacy Statement will be posted on the Site. Updated Privacy Statements are effective upon posting to the Site.

Who do I contact about my rights under this Privacy Statement?

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns regarding this Privacy Statement or Spuds privacy practices at the Site, please contact us at


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