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Problems With Using Too Many Software Packages

Congratulations, your business is growing! Is your software keeping up with your new business demands? Or do you find yourself spending more time researching software than focusing on business?

As your company grows, you’ll likely be developing new processes and needing access to more data. As these needs arise, you may find yourself investing in more and more software as you find holes in the previous ones. The next one may fill those holes, but does it have all the other features? Now you find yourself having to utilize them all, potentially creating dreaded “busy work and ultimately costing you more money.

Problems with using too many software packages

1. Training new employees

With multiple software packages, new employees will need to get up to speed on each of them. This is costing you the time of the new employee, as well as any person who may be training them. There will always be questions from new employees, but the more they need to learn can almost guarantee dozens of questions and the need for refreshers for them and the employees training. How long is this new employee being trained when they could be working?

2. Data entry

Software A needs data on X, Y and Z in order to give proper data reports, but Software B also needs X and Z to give its own reports. This creates the need for duplicate data entry and more room for error.

3. Easy access to real-time data

Are there times throughout the day, night and/or weekend you wish you could do a quick status check on the health of your business and/or projects? Back to the above example, Software A may give you data on costs, while Software B informs on project timelines. When these don’t connect, it can be difficult to get a good overview of the business before a big meeting or even a long weekend.

4. Support

Are you paying for software that may not even be working for you? How many times have you tried to reach someone without getting any answers or solution? With one software solution, you’ll spend less time contacting and following up for support.

The Solution

The days of dealing with multiple business software packages and settling for partial solutions and inefficient systems that don’t connect are over. Designed to fit the needs of any industry, PACManager Process and Cost Management Software is for Business Owners and Consultants wanting to know the health of the business. Give us a call today for a free, honest and unconditional discussion and we’ll be happy to help however we can.

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