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The ROI of Workflow Management Software

Throughout the course of history, progress and innovation are two important ideas toward which humankind has always strived. In fact, the very foundation of humanity fundamentally centers itself on the simple concept of making an overwhelming endeavor less difficult and more efficient. After all, doesn’t the old saying go “work smarter, not harder?”

While this ideal in itself is all fine, progress doesn’t happen overnight and in many cases this “change” can be viewed as an unwanted hindrance to an already established/ proven process. But what happens when you invest your time and effort into improving your processes? History has shown that the results can be extraordinarily rewarding.

In recent years you’ll find that the best companies are constantly seeking out new avenues to ensure that they’re keeping up with the latest technological trends that will provide their employees with the tools that will help them become as efficient as possible. When employee productivity is high, the entire organization will reap the rewards. With this in mind, it might be difficult with tightening budgets and demanding economic environments. That’s why companies attempting to go digital must pay close attention to the costs of new technologies while keeping their return-on-investment (ROI) a top priority. It’s for this reason that making the switch to a digital workflow system is ideal in terms of reducing time and costs for completing tasks. Innovative workflow management software such as PACManager allows an employee to quickly search for information and complete customer service tasks with ease.

It should go without saying that when it comes to gauging how effective a workflow is, basing it on efficiency and measuring ROI is essential. In fact, it’s because of how integral workflows are to core business processes that you need to identify whether or not a workflow is achieving its intended purpose. Simply put, measuring workflow ROI will allow you to get a clear understanding of how your business is performing. PACManager allows you to build, customize and track your business processes. With real-time reports, PACManager allows you to see the progress of a project. When you have the benefit of visualizing which processes are producing positive results and which ones are unnecessary, utilizing workflow management software is kind of a no brainer. This will also in turn, allow for you to be well informed on how you can alter your current processes.

Additionally, ROI metrics can indicate the overall value of your technology. For example, if your workflows are being automated you would probably need to know whether your automation software, tools or services are saving enough time and money to justify the costs of implementing and maintaining them. Another thing you might want to consider is comparing the cost savings between several tools when you’re selecting them. These inquiries can only truly be resolved through ROI.

Below is a basic formula you might see when measuring ROI:

Time (spent on a single task) x Frequency (of performing tasks per month) x Cost (per hour) x 12 Months = Yearly ROI

These metrics will provide you with at least a concept of the value your workflows maintain that you might not have otherwise. Though it is still important to consider that not all ROI can be measured by money. PACManager is an affordable solution that fits the needs of any industry or business size. Save your company time, money and headaches by making the switch to PACManager. Learn more about how PACManager can fit your business needs and give us a call today.

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