Why PAC Works

PACManager was developed from the simple need of a business workflow system that can be implemented easily, quickly and affordably.

We do the work for YOU!

PAC Manager does the heavy lifting and becomes an extension of your company without the cost of a full-time employee. We are a team of professionals with a software system, NOT just a packaged software program with email tech support. We provide the support your staff needs, and you receive the reports you need to run your business.

Driven by YOUR success!

Our team and processes make the difference! We understand that your success leads to our success. Our in-house development and support staff maintains the experience of working with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries.

Committed to YOUR support!

Customized to explain your processes, our “how-to” videos communicate the reasons for doing it your way and its importance to your company. This training increases user buy-in and is extremely helpful with onboarding new employees. These lessons are updated as revisions to your software or processes are performed to stay current with your system.

Dedicated to YOUR goals!

We have a proven process to gather the information necessary from your team to implement a great process and cost management system. We organize your data and workflow into one place to provide the reporting and metrics needed to make the most informed business decisions

Top 10 Reasons customers went with PACManager

  1.  They wanted past, present and future projection of data at their fingertips to make the best informed business decisions.
  2. Employees needed to pull data from multiple sources (spreadsheets, people, etc.) to create reports.
  3. Their reports were already outdated by time they received them.
  4. They required accurate sales funnel tracking.
  5. They wanted to know and track their client. acquisition cost
  6. They wanted to have real-time dashboard data on their phone 24/7/365.
  7. They had different people doing different things to achieve the same result.
  8. They still had people using a paper process and/or all kinds of spreadsheets and documents.
  9. Their clients were asking if they had process management system in place.
  10. They knew the inefficiencies that needed to be addressed but they didn’t have the resources to make it happen.
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