By: PACManager Admin

What Is Workflow Management Software?

In the modern business era, workflow management software has become increasingly relevant for facilitating, executing and monitoring organizational workflows. Not only is it helpful for companies to obtain greater control over specific workflow processes, but it also aims to ensure that the processes and workflows across all human and automated tasks are functioning in sync as well.

Workflow management allows for the coordination of tasks that make up the work a business does. Therefore, in its fullest potential, workflow management software ensures easier collaboration, automation, and synchronization for one or more processes. This is because it can allow users to access visual information pertaining to process and performance metrics in order to inform them on whether or not a specific process is successful. A good workflow management system will help these tasks to become more efficient, which should ultimately boost productivity.

Workflow managing systems will typically utilize the following items:

  • Graphical process designer for specifying a workflow.
  • Forms builder for creating a user interface for entering structured workflow data.
  • Document integration for uploading unstructured data in files.
  • An ‘inbox’ that people can use to discover tasks to work on.
  • Notifications that inform participants about changes in workflows, such as when a task is assigned.
  • Access permissions that can be set-up to control who can do what.
  • Reporting that provides overviews of the work in progress and completed work.
  • Integration points to make systems integration possible.

Of course every workflow management system is different, but this wide variety of functions should indicate just how relatively complex these software products can be. Designed to fit the needs of any industry, PACManager combines the best features of CRM, PSA and BPM software to simplify how you access and track your data. If you’re curious about how PACManager can help your business, please give us a call to chat at 810-771-2102.

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